Thursday, October 25, 2012

And the renovations continue!!!!!

I am amazed at how quickly they can tear things down and build them back! It has been so fun watching the work come so far! The builders have been busy framing the changes to the house. Here are pictures of all that has been done since demo!

We had many trees removed and the ivy and moss dug up.

Now we are waiting on the sod!

The wall came down to open up the kitchen space.

Opening from kitchen/breakfast area into family room.

Opening from kitchen to the dining room

The hallway

Master closets (view from the hall)

Master bathroom (view from master bedroom)

New tub!

Master shower

View of one of the master closets from the bedroom!

We passed all of the inspections this week and they started insulating today. Sheetrock was delivered today and they will start putting the sheetrock up on Monday! YAY! Will post pictures when they are finished!


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